Family fun in Rome

Rome is the capital of the world! The world’s entire history comes together in this place and I reck...

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Unesco Sites

In Lazio, the capital alone contains the world's highest concentration of historical and architectur...

Rome night life areas

Of course Rome is a city rich in art and culture, a genuine open-air museum, but it also boasts a gr...

The Car Boot Market in Testaccio every two weekends

The trendy and successful second-hand car boot market has already been taking place for two years ev...

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“I Luoghi del cuore nel Lazio” 2014-2015 edition

In the Lazio region three “Luoghi del Cuore” have been selected by the FAI in 2014: the Altopiano de...

The Rugby Museum in Colleferro

The Rugby Museum in Colleferro, a few kilometers away from Rome, has a new seat with more than 15,0...

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