Less famous than St. Benedict, the founder of monastic communities in Subiaco, Jenne and Trevi nel Lazio,  St. Peter the Hermit chose the valley of the river Aniene and the village of Trevi in particular, to lead his holy life of sacrifice and privations, anticipating the message of San Francesco. He arrived to Trevi from Rocca di Botte, in the province of L’Aquila, in the Summer of 1052 and died of starvation on a stone bed in a henhouse where he used to sleep.

Pilgrimages between Rocca di Botte and Trevi began already in 1534  and, in the village of Trevi, solemn hospitality was given to pilgrims by the inhabitants.
Even today the  Saint is celebrated  by both communities, from August 28 to 31 in Trevi  and the following week in Rocca di Botte.

Until the 50’s a delegation of pilgrims  from Rocca was welcomed in Trevi by the Mayor, who solemnly enquired about the number of guests in order to guarantee a special hospitality and the “panarda”, a nourishing meal offered to the pilgrims during the celebration of St. Peter the Hermit.


Nowadays the twin cult of St. Peter the Hermit is still alive in the two villages. The pilgrim delegation is still welcomed but the “panarda” has been substituted by meals offered by local families or restaurants.