The path leading to the Holy Door of the Pontifical Minor Basilica in the Sanctuary Madonna del Canneto is of great importance.
The Sanctuary is located at 1020 m in the heart of the National Park, which includes the regions Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, at the foot of the Meta mountains by the river Melfa in Valle di Canneto, Settefrati, province of Frosinone.
On their way to the Sanctuary the pilgrims walk along ancient sheep tracks through the woods passing by creeks, waterfalls and solitary valleys, singing and playing bagpipes or accordions and often wearing their traditional  costumes.
Thousands of pilgrims in groups coming from Lazio and the nearby regions reach the church with their banners to worship the wooden black Madonna from the 13th-14th century.


A special pilgrim was Pope Giovanni Paolo II, today a Saint, whose brief visit has been documented by some photos, such as the one portraying him while praying by the beautiful waterfall of the Melfa river.