The Sanctuary of the SS. Trinità has been visited by excellent pilgrims in two hundred years.


One of them, the journalist and art and literary critic from the twentieth century Emilio Cecchi, friend and collaborator of the best known writers, columnists and politicians of that time, perfectly describes his pilgrimage in 1936:
“The houses in Vallepietra stretch out like towers …. and the district even looks like a pipe organ from a distance… The village is just like an old piece of furniture, with a hundred secret drawers … The stones, the thresholds, and the  walls have become alive … so much they feel and know everything …. Groups of pilgrims knelt and kept singing while climbing the steps to the church …. on their banners  the name of their village and the Trinity depicted with three seated Christs … arrived  to  the mountain top …. and the Sanctuary (Vallepietra, A Pilgrimage).
Today the pilgrimage is exactly the same as eighty years ago.
Every year, on February 16, the anniversary of the apparition of the Holy Trinity in Vallepietra, over 500,000 pilgrims reach the Sanctuary after marching for about three or four days from Ciociaria,  the Aniene Valley, the Abruzzo region and even from the province of Latina. Here, surrounded by the impressive  Park of the Simbruini mountains, the largest protected area in the Lazio region, they venerate the Byzantine fresco of the Trinity inside the cave of Mount Autore.

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SANTUARIO DELLA SS. Trinità – Vallepietra

Opening hours included May 1, opening of the Holy Door: