The five stops route from Cori to Fossanova runs through the Lepini Mountains and covers Norma, Montelanico, Carpineto Romano and Maenza.  It ends in  Fossanova Abbey, consecrated in 1208, one of best preserved Cistercian jewel in Italy.
The itinerary begins in the art city of Cori, where we can find the ruins of  cyclopean walls, the Roman temples of Hercules and Castor and Pollux, the medieval archways from 1400, the church of Sant’Oliva and the cloister with its 27 different capitals and the entirely frescoed church of the Annunziata. An event dating back to 1573, the Carosello dei Rioni, takes place in Cori every year in June. We continue passing by Norma, the ancient village with the archaeological excavations of  the “Antica Norba”, and reach Carpineto Romano, with the churches of Sant’Agostino, Santa Maria del Popolo, the Tower, the Palazzo Aldobrandini and Palazzo Pecci. From August 23 to 30, the “Pallio della Carriera” is celebrated here, an ancient festival with equestrian competitions between districts, flag wavers and Renaissance costumes by the famous local tailors of Donna Olimpia Aldobrandini. Through a forest of chestnut trees and aromatic plants which belonged to the Pecci family, we reach Maenza with its baronial castle, where San Tommaso D’Aquino performed the miracle of the herrings. After the waterfalls of the river Amaseno, we arrive to Fossanova with its French church, the cloister and the museum.


The Route is named after Gioacchino Pecci, Pope Leo XIII, who was born in 1810 in Palazzo Pecci, famous for his 89 Enciclicae, including the  well-known Rerum Novarum from 1891, in favour of the workers’ rights.