The fair of the baskets in Montefiascone starts every Summer on August 24, the day of San Bartolommeo, and takes place on the square and along the streets around the Seminario Barbarigo by the Porta del Belvedere. The merely ecological craft of making baskets from plants dates back to very ancient times, even before the art of weaving and ceramics. Nothing is wasted from the pruning, which, if properly executed, does not affect the environment but renews it every year. Several kinds of baskets are manufactured, strong or light, simple or complicated, a proud local tradition. reconciling art with craft.
In the peasant tradition the baskets, intertwined with holm-oaks or willow twigs, were purchased on vintage and olive harvest. Today the fair has lost its original meaning but the products and materials remain still the same as well as the impressive display, along the ancient sloping alleys, of baskets “capagni” full of fruit, lavender and broom buds.
During the event anise-flavored donuts can be tasted and a donkey parade can be admired by children and grownups.

For further information contact the Municipality and the Pro Loco of Montefiascone
Telephone: 0761. 83201