“Fini fini”, the extra thin noodles in giblet and tomato sauce belong to the culinary tradition of Ciociaria, the area in the province of Frosinone, where they were prepared during religious celebrations or on special occasions, such as the welcoming of a traveller who was offered this rich,  tasty dish.




Dough: 500 g of sifted flour, 4 eggs, salt.

Sauce: 250 g of chicken giblets, two ripe tomatoes, a rib of celery, onion, basil, half a glass of wine, olive oil and salt.




shape the flour into a fountain and in the centre add the eggs and a pinch of salt. Work the dough with your hands until it gets  smooth and compact, then wrap it in a damp cloth and let it stay covered for about one hour. Level the dough with a rolling pin into a thin sheet, wind it on itself then cut it into about 2mm wide noodles. At the same time fry the previously chopped onion and celery in a pan with oil, then add the giblets bits and a little wine and let it cook. After twenty minutes add the tomatoes and the salt.  The noodles are boiled in salted water then seasoned.