The Cathedral of Terracina was founded, according to an ancient tradition, by St. Peter the Apostle, who, after landing in Pozzuoli, reached Rome along the Via Appia and probably made a stop there.
The Cathedral is in fact dedicated to St. Peter, but also to San Cesareo, a local martyr. The date of his martyrdom is unknown, but it is supposed to have taken place around 251 A.D., at the time of the great persecution of Christians under Messius Trajan Decius.
According to the Acts of the Saint’s martyrdom, the Cathedral was built in place of the temple  where the Christians had been martyrized and which collapsed at San Cesareo’s prayers.
The popular tradition tells us the Saint was put into a sack and rolled down into  the sea from Pisco Montano. The martyr was buried in today’s district of Valle dei Santi, where a basilica ad corpus originally called Santa Maria ad Martyres was built, and later moved under  the main altar of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome.