The “Bazzoffia” is the traditional rural vegetable soup from Sezze and Priverno, appreciated by pilgrims and travelers, prepared with seasonal ingredients in Spring and Summer.
In July Sezze celebrates this dish with a festival.


onion, celery, potatoes, Swiss chard, spinach, zucchini, beans, artichokes, peas and broad beans, flowers and tender pumpkin sprouts, garlic and rosemary.


Cut vegetables and let them a few hours in a basket “canistriglio”, smash garlic and rosemary in a stone or wooden cup “murtalo”, fry onion and celery in a clay pot “pignata” and add the lard, meat broth and the  well-drained vegetables. Cut home-made stale bread into thin slices, lay them in a dish and pour the boiling soup with vegetables once ready. Egg or pecorino cheese may also be used. Serve with fresh onion slices and local black olives.