The “Biscotto”of Sant’Antonio from the Tuscia area

In his manuscript “Cronache sulla terra di Acquapendente” from 1588 Paolo Biondo   describes a celebration organized by the Brotherhood of Sant’Antonio in honor of the Saint, when a typical braided cake was prepared as a symbol of fidelity to the Saint.
The one-and-a-half kilo loaf of sweet bread, perfect to be served with wine thanks to its anise fragrance, is prepared according to a secret recipe handed down orally  for generations.
The “Biscotto di Sant’Antonio” is obtained by mixing pastry flour, sugar and eggs, milk and extra virgin olive oil, a few drops of sweet liqueur and especially anise liquor, which makes the cake so peculiar. It has to leaven twice then be baked for about twenty minutes and will stay soft even up to ten days.
Pilgrims and travelers along the Via Francigena most probably carried these cake with them.
Further details:

The “Biscotto di Sant’Antonio“  is a traditional  agri-food product (PAT) of the lazio Region.