The Bread of Hospitality


The concept of Jubilee also involves hospitality, and Rome, the Eternal City,  has always welcomed the pilgrims and satisfied their first needs.
The Roman bakers have created for this purpose  a small loaf made of different stone-ground flours coming from the Lazio Region, employing traditional baking techniques: the bread of hospitality, which pilgrims buy for themselves or pay for others, hence the name suspended bread. Expressly conceived for the travelers, the loaf will last for a long time and from its leftovers several delicious ancient recipes are prepared,  such as the “ panonto”, the croutons to go with soups and starters and even elaborated dishes such as the bread soufflé with onion, cheese and eggs or the bread and apple cake.


Here is the recipe of another nutritious and aromatic ancient cake made from leftover bread.

Ingredients:  about 3 hg of stale bread – 1 liter milk -, 9 eggs –  250 grams of granulated sugar  – 1.30 hg of butter – 1 orange (juice and grated zest) – pine nuts, walnuts, candied fruit and raisins.

Cut the bread into little cubes, then add the milk, the juice and the orange zest. Separately whip  the eggs with the sugar and a pinch of salt, then mix them with the bread. Add pine nuts, walnuts raisins and candied fruit with a drop of liquor if desired. Cook for about 1 hour at 170 degrees in a buttered, sugared baking pan in a preheated oven.

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the Bread of Hospitality can be found in about forty bakeries in Rome and their number is increasing.