The festival of the “passate” is a celebration deeply rooted in the heart of the people from Marta. It originated from the ancient pagan rites, the cycle of seasons and the harvest thanksgiving but the Christian event dates back to the ninth century processions such as the one celebrated on the Virgin Mary Assumption, established in Rome by Pope Leone IV (847-855), which later spread out in several towns and villages.
The first official act related to the organization of this ceremony even dates back to 1557.
The commemoration begins on May 14 at dawn, with drums, bells and the procession choir, traditionally  made up of men only. Four categories: peasants, fishermen, farmers and “casenghi” (diggers), parade on floats richly decorated with the symbols of their ranks: wheat, grapes, flowers, fish, lambs, oxen, working tools and much more. In the end the procession reaches  the square in front of the church and enters the sanctuary.
In 1704 the so called “passate”, three passages around the church, have been included into the ceremony, because of an argument  between the Cardinal Marcantonio Barbarigo (1640-1706), Bishop of Montefiascone, and the Minimum friars.
The commemoration ends with a religious service in front of the sacred image of the Virgin and Child from the Umbrian-Senese school.

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