The church of San Pietro Ispano, built on a cave where the Saint had lived in the tenth century, has ancient origins and was first mentioned by Pope Onorio II on November 28, 1125. The church hosts precious works of art saved by Mons. Giovanni Battista Simoncelli, secretary of Paul V and born in  Boville Ernica , from the demolition of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican.
A noteworthy work of art is the porphyry Jubilee Cross on marble once venerated  in the atrium of the old Vatican basilica during the Jubilee. The cross has been kissed by kings, popes and emperors and probably by Dante Alighieri during  the Jubilee of 1300. But the most important attractions are two mosaics from Giotto, the Angel in the Chapel of the Simoncelli family and La Navicella, commissioned in early 1300 by Cardinal Jacopo Stefaneschi for the Constantinian basilica on the Vatican hill. Below the mosaic by Giotto, another work from the Vatican Basilica can be admired,  the fifteenth century marble bas-relief by Sansovino representing the Holy Family.