The reports about the canonization of San Tommaso d’Aquino probably include his first miracle.

While traveling to Lyon for the council proclaimed by Pope Gregory X in 1274 with Fra Reginaldo, some monks and his sister, he was given hospitality at the Baronial Palace in Maenza, by his relative, the Countess Francesca d’Aquino, wife to Annibaldo da Ceccano. When the Saint, extremely weak, craved to eat the sort of herrings which only could be found in Paris, (Flos Sanctorum of Peter Ribadeneira, 1778), his doctor met a fisherman who had come from Terracina with a basket full of fish, which miraculously turned into herrings.

During the process of canonization, a monk visiting San Tommaso witnessed they were fresh herrings and the Saint confirmed they were the same kind he had tasted in France.

The judges at the process probably wondered how these herring had been cooked, not only the first miracle of San Tommaso but also the first fish soup recipe.