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Crossroad of the main routes towards Jerusalem and Santiago de Compostela, Roma and the Lazio region are the point of arrival and departure of the spiritual paths, whose network includes the impressive Northern and Southern Via Francigena from Tuscany to Campania , the Route of St. Francis, from the border between Umbria and Lazio to Rome, and the Route of St. Benedict, from Umbria to Campania. These easy tracks, a  symbol of a slow tourism, represent an opportunity to experience local cultures, to taste typical products and to discover historical religious routes.


The on line version of the Hospitality Guide, with its cover, the routes and the list of accommodation facilities within 5 km from the main towns,  is an important help to those who travel along the Route System in the Lazio region.

This version is regularly updated with  information about the hospitality along the Route System (the Northern Via Francigena, the Cammino di Francesco (the Route of St. Francis), the  Cammino di Benedetto (the Route of St. Benedict), and the Southern Via Francigena in its two variations Francigena Appia and Francigena Prenestina.