According to the legend, one day some fishermen from San Felice or Terracina, caught a wooden statue of the Madonna with Child with in their net and decided to bring it to the St. Paul’s Church at the foot of the Mount Circeo.


The next day, after coming  back to venerate the beautiful Madonna, they didn’t find the statue in the church, but on a tree  on the shore and realized that the Virgin wanted her Sanctuary to be built  on that spot. With the help of the population of San Felice they erected the chapel called Madonna di Sorresca or Madonna della Resurrezone.
The Madonna is celebrated during two events: a small procession on Easter Monday from the historical centre of San Felice Circeo to the church of Cona, and then to the Sanctuary, where the mass is celebrated and on  the Monday after Pentecost, with  firecrackers at dawn, the traditional procession at 6.00 and the mass celebrated at the Sanctuary by the Bishop, followed by a picnic in the countryside. Both celebrations end  in the evening with the Eucharistic Adoration and a Blessing.


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Santuario della Madonna della Sorresca