The crespella, a typical pancake  from Veroli, has always been the  snack of pilgrims, travelers and farmers and also  accompanies the meal of the inhabitants.

Two priests from Bergamo organized  in 1964 the first festival of the crespella. Now at its 52nd edition, the feast is held every spring in the district of Santa Francesca.

The pancake are prepared according to an ancient ritual, with  the whole family gathering around the fire and grandparents telling stories to children while the women fry the crespelle in a pan on a tripod.


500 gr of pastry flour

1/2 liter water

30 gr of yeast



Mix flour, yeast, water and salt to make a dough, let it rise about  two hours and a half  and then shape small pieces into rings and fry in already boiling olive oil. Out of the pan they are ready to be tasted, but they are better cold.
Over  the years eggs, lard, milk and sugar have made the pancakes more fragrant and tastier.