A journey along the Etruscan Coast

Leaving chaos behind to spend some time admiring the treasures and beauties of the coast north of Rome.
Our journey starts in Cerveteri with the “Banditaccia” necropolis. A sparkling start, because we are talking about a site that has been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2004.
The necropolis holds thousands of Etruscan tombs and is organized on an urban plan similar to that of a city, with streets, squares and neighborhoods, whose type varies according to the historical period and the social status of each family.

Cerveteri Necropoli della Banditaccia

All the tombs have a great cultural importance but, among these, two have a very special charm. We are speaking of the Tomb of the Greek Vases, dating back to the sixth century BC and the Tomb of the Reliefs accessible only by way of a long staircase carved into the stone leading to a large room with a ceiling supported by two columns topped by Aeolic capitals.

Tomba dei Rilievi

After the visit to the necropolis we get back in the car; our next destination is the Castle of Santa Severa, the castle kissed by the sea.
Here we find one of the most beautiful places in Lazio. In the ancient medieval village, an enchanted atmosphere will catapult you as if by magic into another dimension!

Castello di Santa Severa

With its narrow stone streets and flying arches, today the village still retains its age-old charm. The entire area is composed of a vast complex of buildings and squares where you can relive everyday life in the medieval castle.
Visiting the village will be a unique experience: you will have a chance to admire the beautiful attractions of the Museum of the Sea and Ancient Navigation, the Museum of the Territory and the Naval Antiquarium. Or, if you love technology, we would recommend a trip to Pyrgi in virtual reality!
Now it’s time to enter the Castle with its typical rectangular shape, enhanced by the presence of four towers arranged on each side of the building. The daytime tour is exciting, but the night-time tour is straight out of a fairy-tale.
Have you ever thought of spending a night and sleeping in a castle? In the Castle of Santa Severa it’s possible. The recently opened hostel boasts 11 rooms for your accommodation if you want to treat yourself to a weekend of emotions by the sea.

Ostello al Castello di Santa Severa

Alternatively, before going to sleep, you can opt for taking a relaxing stroll in Santa Marinella. Not far from the Castle, in fact, is this place known for the beauty of its early-twentieth-century Italian Liberty-style buildings.
If you are into sports and love the sea, you will be pleased to know that this part of the coast is characterized by the presence of numerous inlets whose particular seabed morphology favors the formation of rolling waves, allowing you to surf all year round. We don’t know how many of you are surfers, but in any case, we have given you an idea!
After a night spent in the Castle of Santa Severa, and after a good breakfast, we leave for the last stage of our tour, destination Tolfa.
Almost hidden among steep cliffs, Tolfa is located in the immediate hinterland and boasts important historical and cultural roots; an unspoiled area of over 17,000 hectares is this town’s main attraction, the ideal meeting place of continental and Mediterranean climates that promotes biodiversity with an exceptional array of flora and fauna.


Tolfa takes pride in its artisanal activities, including the processing of leather and meat. We recommend that you make a note on your agenda of an event that takes place every year in August, the Butteri Tournament, that features various events, with exhibitions and competitions for butteri cowboys from various regions. The calf-catching contest and the “merca” (livestock branding) are particularly exciting, not-to-be-missed experiences.

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