A photographic tour of Ciociaria amidst the most beautiful villages in Italy

Ciociaria, a land of history, traditions and flavours, is a place full of charm that we want you to discover and immortalise with your camera!
In the province of Frosinone, there are four municipalities included in the list of The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and it is precisely these that we will talk about in our idea for travelling! Are you ready? With our backpacks on our shoulders, and our batteries charged, here we go…


The first stage of our journey takes us to Pico, a typical medieval village with unique examples of historic and architectural beauty. We start our walk in the historic centre by entering through Porta San Rocco, the only gate of the four once present having remained intact, and immediately visiting the beautiful Church of Santa Marina, which dates back to the year 1000, and then the Church of Sant’Antonino.
You should know that the entire historic centre is developed around the picturesque castle that from the heights of its position dominates the entire surrounding area. You will be so pleasantly impressed by the beauty of the centre’s narrow alleyways that you will certainly want to photograph them!
Having packed away our cameras, we start off again, heading towards Castro dei Volsci, the second stop on our photographic tour. It is situated in the heart of the Salto River Valley, surrounded by a unique landscape where you will have the opportunity to indulge in taking beautiful shots. It is called the “balcony of Ciociaria,” thanks to its belvederes from which you can enjoy panoramic views of exceptional beauty.

Castro dei Volsci (FR)

There are several places that you can admire in this town, starting from the Church of Santa Maria, to the polygonal city walls located a short distance from the historic centre in Montenero, up to the monumental fountain.
Do you want to pause and rest a bit before heading off again on the third stage of your photographic journey in Ciociaria? Go ahead, the next stop is Boville Ernica!

Un vicolo di Boville Ernica

Welcome to the third “Borgo d’Italia” in the province of Frosinone, we are now in Boville Ernica. As soon as we arrive, we are moved by the beauty of its original city walls and its towers, truly enchanting. Strolling through the historic centre will be a unique experience, wandering along its alleyways, across its small squares, will take you back in time to the distant Middle Ages. There are several places to admire here, from Palazzo Liberati to Palazzo Filonardi, to the Church of San Pietro Ispano. Inside the church, do not miss Giotto’s mosaic Angel, a real masterpiece.
The wonders in Boville Ernica are not finished yet, but we want you to discover them by yourself, immortalizing them with unforgettable shots.
Take all the time you like to walk and take pictures, the last stop of our journey is Atina!!

Veduta su Atina

Here we are at the fourth and final stage of our journey in Ciociaria. There are three accesses to the historic centre, and we have chosen the Porta dell’Arco gate. Starting to walk through the narrow streets of the historic centre, we head to the Ducal Palace rising on the highest point of the village. In the historic centre there is Palazzo Visocchi, another beautiful place, as well as Palazzo Cantelmo, whose impressive bulk occupies most of Piazza Saturno. If you love nature photography, we advise you to take a stroll through the municipal park, a real botanical garden. Before leaving you cannot miss taking a walk to the shrine known as the Madonnella, on the hill of Santo Stefano, where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the entire valley.

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