We’re in the mountains here. Dress warmly in both summer and winter because you’ll feel the coolness in the air!

Accumoli, as its name suggests, means “to the ridge (ad cumulum)”, at the top. It was founded at the top of the hill overlooking the Tronto River valley and Via Salaria. At 900 metres above sea level, you can enjoy the crisp air of the surrounding mountains and a view of one of the highest mountain groups in the Apennines. In fact, Accumoli is uniquely positioned in central Italy, bordering two National Parks, that of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga and that of the Sibillini Mountains. It is the furthest outlying municipality in Lazio, on the border with Umbria and Marche.

The area’s most precious resource are its people, who have developed a strong sense of belonging to its roots and traditions. Here the attentive curious tourist has a true unicum of uncontaminated natural beauties to explore. A short distance from Accumoli you can admire Lake Secco, an evocative stretch of water, where animal and plant species survive from the era of the Quaternary glaciation. The fifteen-hectare area is a WWF Oasis, today also protected by the National Park.

Accumoli also has a strong tradition of the most wholesome basic ingredients. The area’s outstanding dish is Pasta alla Gricia, whose name seems to come from Grisciano, a mountain hamlet, a recipe of simple pork cheek and pecorino cheese, products used by shepherds during transhumance, to garnish spaghetti; the recipe seems to be a first version of the more famous amatriciana sauce. Nothing simpler given the proximity of the two areas.

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