Located 160 km from Rome, in the province of Frosinone, Acquafondata sits on the dried up bed of Lake Vitecusum, set in a green valley at an altitude of 925 meters on the slopes of the Meta Hills. The village is visited by many tourists drawn to its fabulous mountain scenery and inviting woods, suitable for walks, and the highly appreciated gastronomy. The nearby pond of Cardito, a favourite of sport fishermen and the Forestry Department nursery, among the most important in Lazio, are the area’s crowning beauties. The churches of Santa Margherita and the Madonna del Carmelo are interesting for their connection to certain historical figures. The first is dedicated to the Franciscan friar Domenico de Filippis, whose beatification process is under way, while construction of the second can be traced back, through a legend, to the vision of the Virgin of Mount Carmel by a woman intent her work in the fields. Acquafondata, which has always been an agro-pastoral centre, offers relaxing stays that are made even more pleasant by the excellent cuisine and local products such as typical meats and pecorino cheeses. Skilled wood craftsmen create objects still used in everyday life and the traditional ancient popular wind instrument is the protagonist of the International Zaqmpogna (Bagpipe) Festival, which is held there every year and attracts virtuosos from all over the world.

A must-try are the tasty products of the Agro-Pontino area found in the Food & Wine section.

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