Affile, slightly more than an hour’s drive from Rome, is located on a tuff hill at 684 meters above sea level, a few kilometres from the Simbruini Mountains and the Aniene Valley. The uniqueness of the area and microclimate lend themselves to cultivation of the autochthonous red grape Cesanese di Affile, 100% of which is used to produce an excellent quality Cesanese di Affile DOC wine. In fact, it is the first town of those geographically located between the provinces of Rome and Frosinone that make up the Cesanese Wine Route. Grape cultivation here is very ancient, and the village’s coat-of-arms bears witness to this: a cluster of red grapes on a vine shoot with a viper coiled around the trunk. The memory of the area, inhabited by the Aequi and later colonized by the Romans, is preserved in various Latin and Italic vestiges, in the polygonal Roman walls and in a Roman cistern. Affile also preserves some testimonials to the passage of Benedetto da Norcia when, in 497 AD, he decided to leave Rome in search of solitude and concentration. Near the village cemetery, you can find a real treasure: the little church of San Pietro, a building that likely dates to the early Christian era, altered at various times over the centuries. Visitors to the church can view scenes of the Saint’s life in the faded colours of the frescoes.

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