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Angelica Library

Today the Angelica Library is one of the most prestigious cultural resources in the world. It is an integral part of the historic heart of Rome. Located near Piazza Navona, next to the Basilica of Sant’Agostino in Campo Marzio, it was founded in 1604 by the Augustinian bishop Angelo Rocca. It is named after the bishop, who entrusted the library with his sizable collection of books consisting of about 120,000 volumes, both handwritten and printed manuscripts, mainly concerning Augustinian thought and the history of the Lutheran Reform and the Catholic Counter-Reformation. The library’s work also includes events related to the order and the friars in Rome. It was the first library in Europe open to the public, with no limitations regarding gender, race or religion.  

Since 1940, it has been home to the Literary Academy of Arcadia.

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