Angels and Demons: going around Rome

An incredible trip amid the sculptures of Bernini on Ponte Sant’Angelo and the works by Galileo, discovering an unknown Rome, where pagan symbology and sacredness blend together, revealing shocking messages. This is the Rome of Angels & Demons, a 2009 film, directed by Ron Howard and based on the best-selling novel of the same name written by Dan Brown.
The film, mainly shot in Italy between Rome, the Reggia di Caserta (the Royal Palace of Caserta) and Polignano a Mare, was released in the movie theatres of Italy and the United States on 13 May 2009.
Gathered in the Consistory to elect a new Pope, the College of Cardinals hires Robert Langdon, professor of religious symbology from Harvard. Respected enemy of the Church, which does not forgive him for denying the incarnation of the Word, the academic gentleman accepts the investiture and heads towards Rome. Having put aside bitterness and resentment, the professor and the Church men, armed with spirit and halberd, cooperate in the investigation and the resolution of the mystery. A mystery hidden in the church and under the dungeons of the Eternal City.
The scenes of the film recall some of the most characteristics places of Rome:
– Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria (scene in which the shooting between the killer and the men of the Vatican Gendarmerie takes place inside the Church);
– Piazza San Pietro (Langdon shows up in a Lancia Delta and, during the removal of the protesters and believers from the Piazza, the military police arrive in riot gear);
– Piazza Navona (place of a dangerous pursuit: police cars with sirens wailing catch the killer, who manages to escape leaving a trail of blood behind him);
– Castel Sant’Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel) (shooting and chasing in the heart of the Castle which becomes a barricaded fortress, surrounded by the police and helicopters that try to stop the killer, hidden in the dungeons);
– The Pantheon (the first clue about the Road of Illumination is hidden in the magnificent ancient pagan temple. A suggestive place and full of mysteries, chosen as the scene of the first horrible crime. Lying on the ground, the body of the first Cardinal killed).

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