From Via Salaria only the bell tower is visible, but it’s enough to make it a fascinating destination.

We’re in Antrodoco, a contender for the most central spot in Italy. Whether it is or not matters little because visiting this small village in Lazio’s Apennine mountains will leave you breathless. The journey begins with the fascinating Church of Santa Maria Extra Moenia, its bell tower already visible from Via Salaria. Thanks to the splendid restoration and its 17th-century frescoes, it is the town’s most valuable artistic feature. But it’s not the only one.

Antrodoco, a few kilometres from Rieti, is known for its fine artistic craftsmanship. You can browse among the shops and choose wonderful purchases from among wrought iron objects, antique embroidery and lace that will remind you of your grandmothers.

Don’t miss a visit to the Military Historical Museum of Antrodoco. With its 300 square meters, it is the town’s pride. The exhibition itinerary shows all that is important to the life of our country’s Armed Forces and Police. The display of over 300 pieces of headgears is remarkable, flanked by relics from the World and Colonial Wars, including weapons, uniforms, bomb remains, and the typical construction of a base camp.

You won’t want to go without having tasted one of the local treats… stracci antrodocani, or crepes filled with meat sauce and tomato sauce and cheeses, waiting for you! Buon appetito!

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