Aprilia LT


Aprilia is about 50 kilometres from Rome, roughly 30 from Latina, and lies in the southernmost part of the Agro Romano.
It is the youngest of the Founding Cities of the Latina province. It was inaugurated on 29 October 1937, only 18 months from its groundbreaking, which took place on 25 April 1936, at the end of the works for the reclaiming of the Pontine Marshes.
The original nucleus was designed according to the traditional plans of those times, which included imposing public buildings and the symbols of power. Only a few traces of those elements have survived to our days on account of the violent battles that took place after the landing of the US troops at Anzio on 22 January 1944. Originally an agricultural community and second largest city in the province by population, Aprilia has developed a strong industrial propensity over the decades.
There are several sites of interest in Aprilia and environs: the Church of San Michele Arcangelo; in Carano, the tomb of General Menotti Garibaldi, son of Giuseppe Garibaldi; the ancient defensive tower of the Padiglione (today privately owned); the Oasis of Buonriposo, created by the Regione Lazio to protect and be the shelter of local fauna, as well as of stationary and migrant birds.
There is a large golf facility in this area, where tournaments and golf courses are held throughout the year.
The most significant events are the parade of allegorical carnival floats and costumes, the celebrations for Saint Michael Archangel and the October Organ Festival of Aprilia.

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