Perched on a hillside and dominated by the the Arce Fortress, in a delightful location near the end of the Liri Valley, the centre of Arce, with its steep, narrow streets, has retained its medieval look.

Most of the modern town has developed along the lower Via Casilina.

The name apparently derives either from arx, that is, fortress, which the town served as at various times, or from Arcanum, the hill on which the town is situated.

There are some remains and inscriptions from the Roman epoch.

In the Arce area stood the Latin colony of Fregellae, which was founded by the Romans. Today it is an archeological park of enormous significance, where excavation is bringing to light many interesting finds. It can be visited all year round.

It was an important strategic point, being situated on the border between the Papal State and the Kingdom of Naples.

Four churches worth visiting: SS. Pietro e Paolo, with its two bell-towers and interior in the shape of a Greek cross; Santa Maria, which contains an exquisite wooden cross, apparently with miraculous properties; Sant’ Antonio, with its magnificent portal; and the 11th-century Sant’Agostino.

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