Arcinazzo Romano

Situated on a karstic high plateau, Arcinazzo Romano is located a short distance from Rome on the slopes of Mount Altuino.
The current name of the town dates from 1891 when it was shortened from Ponza ad Arcinazzo, but the locals continue to call it affectionately by its old name.

In the small well-maintained historic centre, of medieval origin, one can still appreciate the ancient arches of some doorways, mullioned windows and the gates that defended the town, as well as the tall tower that dominates the centre.

The remains of the Villa of Emperor Trajan are of great interest: this was the hunting lodge of this important figure of the Roman world and was built in the beautiful setting of the Arcinazzo uplands, with its Alpine echoes.

In the archaeological site is to be found the antiquarium comunale which houses a collection of artefacts dug up during the excavations.

Local chestnut forests have made Arcinazzo famous for the “Marrone” a type of chestnut to which a festival is devoted, where the delicacy is roasted in large traditional pots over a fire.

Dishes commonly eaten in Arcinazzo are to some extent those of Roman cuisine, like spaghetti alla carbonara, polenta flavoured with truffle and mutton gravy, goat and sheep milk cheese, all washed down with the excellent Cesanese wine.

The Maritozzo is a traditional soft cake made with pine nuts, raisins, candied orange peel and filled with whipped cream; it was offered by young men to their future wives around the time of marriage, hence the name [“marito” means husband].

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