Artisan crafts in Ciociaria

Today in Ciociaria several businesses of an artistic value are still operational, with produce that is much sought after by consumers.

The biggest furniture fair of Lazio is held in Sora, where the furniture industry is now established at national level.

The sideboards decorated with ornamental motifs, engravings in concentric semicircles, from Vico nel Lazio. The wrought iron from Veroli.

Then there is the copper item par excellence, embodying the symbol of Ciociaria, the “concone”, a receptacle used by women to draw water. Marble is extracted from local quarries, particularly those of Coreno Ausonio, whose marble, known as the “Perlato Royal”, is in great demand in the international market. In the Val di Comino and Anagni areas they work travertine. In Acquafondata they make zampogne (traditional Italian bagpipes).

Older and of a more humble origin, but no less fascinating, are the terracotta objects, from the water amphorae of Pontecorvo, to the so-called cannate decorated with red earth, the Ceprano lamps but also the figurines for the Arpino nativity scene.

However, the truly iconic craft items from Ciociaria are the “ciocie”, rudimentary shoes worn by Ciociaria farmers that can be found in any small vintage shop.

Also we cannot fail to mention the embroidery: sheets, tablecloths, towels and all originally intended to constitute the precious dowry of a bride. In Boville Ernica, Veroli, Arpino and Isola del Liri you can find religious members and craftsmen who can make them for you.

The crowning jewel of the crafts from the Frosinone area are the precious handmade inlaid items made by talented carpenters and carvers: ladles, spoons, containers for foods such as the typical wooden bowls called “scifette” and wooden trays traditionally used as dishes for pasta, gnocchi and polenta.

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