In Sabina

Artisan crafts in Sabina

If Geppetto had wanted to make a family of Pinocchios, in Sabina he would have had lots to work with, considering the large amount of forests, obviously without touching the ancient trees.

The production of handmade tools and furniture of various kinds has, since ancient times, been Sabina’s forte.

The territory is rich, particularly in timber and, although there is a thriving sawmill industry, the artisan tradition has never faded, especially in the centre of Rieti, where there are numerous workshops where the production and restoration of furniture is a growing business.

In fact, in Poggio Bustone various kitchen utensils used for typical ancient traditions are made, including the characteristic rolling pin with toothed edges with which you cut the dough to make the Maltagliati pasta and, make no mistake, this makes all the difference for a perfect tasty dish.

But wood is not the only material that characterizes the craft production in Sabina. Copper, wrought iron and marble are often used ‒ just think of the manufacture of ceramics and pottery.

Do not leave this beautiful place without buying a wrought iron or copper souvenir to take home because the craftsmen who produce these objects continue to use the ancient styles, real artistic products that will remind you of your holiday, together with the good food and the emotions.

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