Ascrea, in the province of Rieti, 83 kilometres from Rome.

Like all historical centres in Sabina, Ascrea also has delightful stone houses leaning against each other to the point of looking like a nativity scene. Here, peace and quiet are accompanied by Turano Lake, in all seasons an attractive destination for tourists who love nature and small villages. The Church of San Nicola da Bari is a valuable feature of the town for its 16th-century paintings and triptychs, such as the fresco dedicated to San Nicola or St. Nicholas that portrays him with the Madonna and child, St. Francis and Christ.

The real pride of the small Rieti area village are the excursions to the Monte Navegna e Monte Cervia Nature Reserve. Loved by all ages, and trekking and mountain biking enthusiasts, for its clear and easy routes, the reserve is a wonderful place to get away from the chaos of the city and lose yourself in a wonderful natural environment. Hidden between mountains with varying environments, one goes through lakes to woods to end up in enchanting villages where the pleasure of silence and the infinite colours of nature reign supreme, varied depending on the seasons.

As tradition dictates, the cuisine in these parts is no small thing, and the most famous local dish is fettuccine with porcini mushrooms.
We’re waiting for you in Ascrea, where you will never be bored!

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