Barbarano Romano

This charming medieval town in the province of Viterbo, about 65 kilometres from Rome, stands on a high cliff of volcanic rock overlooking a deep gorge dug into the tuff stone.

You can enter the village through the imposing 15th-century Porta Romana. With a triangular base, wedged between two gorges, it is naturally defended on two sides by cliffs overlooking the valleys and on the third side by mighty walls scattered with towers.

In the Barbarano Romano area there is the Marturanum Park, an outdoor museum of 1200 hectares, which, in addition to offering a rich natural heritage, preserves one of the most interesting necropoleis in central Italy. In one area of the park there are various types of Etruscan funerary monuments: burial mounds, rock façades, cubic monuments, niches and underground chambers.

A complete visit of the park takes a few hours and the visitor centre supplies maps with routes in addition to mountain bike rental for enthusiasts.

Every year on the first Sunday of May, in the Caiolo plateau, not far from Barbarano, an ancient traditional rural festival is held during which you can taste the “attozzata, a soft hot ricotta prepared by cheese-makers in the ancient “callare” and served in earthenware bowls with crusty slices of freshly-baked durum wheat bread.

For more information: Comune di Barbarano Romano

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