Belmonte in Sabina

Located in the heart of the Sabina region, Belmonte sits at 700 metres above sea level on a crag of the verdant Sabini Mountains, which divide the Holy Valley of the Cammino di Francesco (a Franciscan itinerary) and the Turano Valley. This medieval town is surrounded by unspoiled woodland, which makes the area ideal for walks through nature.

The nearly mountain altitude and the succession of level land and slopes also attract cycling and motorbike enthusiasts. Worthy of a visit are the imposing remains of the polygonal walls dating from the bronze age located a few kilometres from the town centre, and the monumental Sambuco bridge built with square blocks of stone, an intact trace of the Roman Salaria Way, which crossed a torrent here.

An important site is the Convent of San Nicola. It stands on a hill amidst dense poplar and pine woods and houses two 16th-century frescos and a magnificent wooden statue of St. Francis. Every 14 September the town celebrates the Feast of the Cross. There is a traditional cake still prepared by the town’s women and baked in a wood oven.

It is called “il Turchetto” on account of a legend that tells the story of the Turks who invaded the Sabine lands and how the local women managed to avoid the siege of the town by offering the invaders the typical cakes.

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