Blera is the city of the “Tonda Gentile Romana” Hazelnut, Tuscia DOP extra virgin olive oil and Tuscia DOC wines. Located 75 km from Rome and 35 from Viterbo, in 1970, it became the birthplace of Angelo Peruzzi, former football player and 2006 world champion.

With its winding streets and ward, Civitella Cesi, it’s a fascinating destination for motorcyclists and hikers going through the Treja Valley. The smart thing is to go in August during the Fettuccine Festival with truffles and local products!

Blera’s origins date back to the 8th-7th centuries BC. Reaching its heights with the Etruscans, under the influence of Tarquinia and then Cerveteri, the village expanded and added the rupestrian necropolises in the locality of Orto Silvano: Ponton Graziolo, Terrone and Casetta.

Wandering around the village of Blera, you will see portals, windows, coats of arms and completely disparate architectural elements, signs of the various epochs of domination: a demolished tower, wall and garden in Piazza Nova provide the background to the ancient row of arches excavated in the tufa wall, indicating the route of the Via Clodia, the ancient autostrada del Sole – highway of the Sun.
In the village centre are Palazzo Tornaforte and Palazzo del Barone (or Palazzaccio), the ancient home of the Anguillara.

Religious architecture includes the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in cielo and San Vivenzio, with 16th-century portals and windows, the Church of the Madonna delle lacrime (cemetery chapel) and the splendid caves, Grotte di San Vivenzio, in the church of the same name.

The Gustavo VI Adolfo di Svezia Archaeological Civic Museum is worth visiting, with 600 rural artefacts that both pay homage to the monarch’s passion for archaeology and examine the relationship between horse and man, a historical feature of Lazio’s Maremma.

Take time to taste the lentils with sausages, the Acquacotta of Viterbo and Rocciata, a cake made with the “Tonda Gentile Romana” hazelnut.

The Patron Saint Vivenzio is celebrated on December 11th, while in August you mustn’t miss the Sagra dello gnocco al castrato (dumplings with meat sauce).

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