Situated at about 700 metres above sea level, Borgorose is surrounded by the Carseolani Mountains, the Cicolano Mountains and the Nuria Mountain chain. It is the gateway to the Monti della Duchessa Nature Reserve, dense with beech tree forests, which makes it the wildest mountain environment in the Lazio region.

The finds displayed inside the archaeological museum of Corvaro di Borgorose bear witness to the existence of an ancient civilization in remote times, the Equicoli, who lived in the mountains of this area between Lazio and Abruzzo. Finds from the Roman period can be found everywhere, especially around Borgorose and Fiamignano.

The 18th-century parish church of Sant’Anastasia features a single rose window with Romanesque and classical elements and its interior is adorned with 16th and 17th-century paintings.

A site worth visiting at Corvaro di Borgorose is an ancient tomb. It is an imposing ribbed structure with a circular interior made of large stones. These kinds of necropolises were discovered in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Borgorose is home to a brewery, established in 2005. The “Duchessa” is a beer made from spelt grown on the Duchessa Mountains. The gentian that grows on the surrounding mountains inspired local brewers to produce a beer using this plant, naming it Genziana. The Birra del Borgo (the village beer) expresses the innovation in beer making that Borgorose has become known for. A combination of different methods has led to a new way of making beers using unusual ingredients.

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