Boville Ernica

Located 100 km from Rome in this wonderful place in the Ciociaria area, in the province of Frosinone, it is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The name Boville Ernica (called Bauco until 1907) comes from worship of the god Bove, a tradition of the Vosca population.

To this day its imposing walls are still intact, with their great tower, “Torre del maschio”. Within the walls is a quaint historical centre full of alleys, squares and streets.

Going along the medieval walls, interspersed with towers, visitors can pass through the ancient city gates and steep themselves in the past.

Splendid portals, precious floors and majestic stairways embellish Palazzo Filonardi (15th century), the largest architectural complex in the place, which also incorporates the abbey of San Pietro Ispano.

The abbey is of great historical interest for its precious works of art, such as Giotto’s mosaic, the perfectly preserved frescoes and bas-reliefs.

Those interested in historical buildings must not miss a visit to Palazzo Simoncelli, along with the small church of San Giovanni where, recently, a fresco attributed to Domenichino, was found. The church of San Michele Arcangelo, the most important in the town, is also worth visiting.

Outside the historic centre you can enjoy an incredible panorama thanks to the view onto the green Ciociaria hills, which frame the village beautifully.

Moreover, thanks to its position, located between the Del Sacco and Liri Valleys, the territory has an abundance of naturalistic features, and is a popular destination for those who love hiking, trekking, horseback riding and mountain biking excursions.

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