Camerata Nuova

Camerata Nuova is a quaint village at the far edge of the Monti Simbruini Mountains Regional Park on the border with the Abruzzo region. In 1859 it was destroyed by a devastating fire and rebuilt in its present location.

Most of the surrounding landscape is mountainous, with peaks that rise from the 1,200-metre altitude of Camerata Vecchia, the old village that was destroyed, to as high as 1,885 metres (Mount Autore).
The vegetation is lush and verdant, and the sheer beauty of this place makes it extremely popular for hikers, campers and picnic lovers.

There are numerous footpaths and trails for walkers, horse and mountain-bike riders and cross-country skiers on the karstic plateaux of Camponesco (1,400 m), Mount Autore (1,800 m) and Fosso Fioio. One unmissable excursion takes you on a visit to the ruins of Camerata Vecchia.

Apart from these ruins, other places of interest include the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which is a destination for pilgrims on Easter Monday, followed by an open air lunch.

Traditional Camerata food is very rich. Starters are stuffed with locally produced ricotta and served in a sweet/savoury sauce, while sagne m’pezze are a starter consisting of little torn-up flaps of egg pasta served with pork gravy.

Also to be sampled is raviolo cameratano, a traditional dish to which a festival is dedicated every June.
Main courses are largely based on charcoal-grilled meat and sausages, the latter also made with liver, and grilled mutton chops.
Caciofiore is a soft sheep milk cheese with an intense taste, while the local pecorino is a hard cheese with a distinctive flavour.

Almond tarts, doughnuts made with wine, and pangiallo cake with saffron and dried fruit are typically eaten during public holidays.

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