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Canoeing on rivers and lakes

In the municipality of Sermoneta, in the province of Latina, about 70 kilometres from Rome, flows the Cavata River, an important waterway that is almost ten kilometres long and follows the Via Appia into Terracina.

The Cavata Flumen Cultural Association, created to promote land conservation through tourist activities along the river, organizes day trips in canoes for individuals and for groups of up to 50 people reviving the ancient experience of river navigation.

The easy route starts in the Monticchio area at the Acqua Turchina spring and snakes through the Sermoneta countryside without requiring particular physical exertion.

The journey then continues through the Monticchio forest, before reaching the Acqua Regina spring, a particularly evocative place, immersed in lush vegetation, with a variety of birds that stop here and nest.

In the first stretch of the river you can also moor and visit the ancient river port where there are the ruins of an old mill, the Mola di S. Maria, dating back to the 12th century.

During the trip along the River, which takes about three hours and ends near the ancient Foro Appio, now Borgo Faiti, you can also find places to stop and rest thanks to the presence of various services.

Paddling along the Cavata River offers unique sensations with the various springs that invigorate it, the colours of the surrounding vegetation and the view of the Lepini and Sermoneya mountain.

It is truly an experience not to be missed where the quiet, lush vegetation and stunning scenery make your return to a forgotten world.

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