Capocotta Beach

Capocotta Beach is situated in the Municipality of Rome between Ostia and Torvajanica. Known in the 1970s as the “Buco” [hole], since the first visitors had to scramble through a hole in a fence to get there, it immediately became popular with nudists because of its unspoilt beauty and remoteness from crowded tourist areas.

In May 2000 it was officially designated the first naturist beach in Italy. It is a little oasis of soft golden sand, wide and almost two kilometres long, set within the Nature Reserve of the Litorale Romano​ Park. The vast shore is backs onto striking dune formations that dominate the landscape, dotted with typical Mediterranean scrub vegetation.

The sea is wonderful, azure in colour, pure and crystal clear, with a sandy seabed that slopes gradually down, making it ideal for swimming. Close to the beach there are snack-bars and other clean, well-organized beach facilities where you can eat and drink and relax. About five kilometres from the shore there is the protected sea area of Secche di Tor Paterno, shallows much loved by divers.

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