Casalvieri stands on a small hill in Val Comino and is known as the town of balloons, with businesses, famous all over the world, which produce and export millions of balloons of every colour and shape.

First inhabited by the Volsci, it was then conquered by the Romans and later, in the Middle Ages, became a possession of the Church and feudal lordships.

The historical events related to the Bourbon period and the subsequent post-unitary period have given the town some notoriety for spates of banditry.

The historic centre consists of buildings finely decorated with stone windows and doorways.

One noteworthy palace is Palazzo Cellitto, known as the “Villa of mysteries “, with clear and precious Masonic friezes set into the fa├žade.

Worth visiting is the Baroque Church of SS. Giovanni Battista ed Evangelista, where you can admire “L’Assunta” painted by Cavalier d’Arpino and the sacristy with fine wood carvings. There is a small but important archaeological area with the excavations of Pescarola, an ancient votive deposit dating back to the 4rth century BC.

The road called “tracciolino is very unusual, and winds sinuously above the Melfa river, connecting the Valle di Comino to the Valle del Liri. The surrounding area, a location for numerous films, due to the absence of car traffic and the beauty of the places, attracts hikers and climbers in all seasons.

Casalvieri offers excellent food and wines: the Picinisco DOP pecorino, which boasts an ancient tradition dating from the 1600s; Cannellino di Atina DOP, a local ecotype bean; Atina DOC wine, an intense ruby red colour with violet reflections and a rich and persistent taste.

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