Castelforte is 160 kilometres from Rome and 100 from Latina. The easternmost town in the Latina province, it sits on a hill of the Aurunci Mountains which overlooks the Garigliano Plain and shares the border between Lazio and Campania with Minturno and SS. Cosma e Damiano.
The remains of polygonal defensive walls which still enclose its historic centre bear witness to remote origins of Castelforte. The level part of the town was inhabited in the Imperial period, as demonstrated by the remains of numerous rural houses and baths from the Roman era. Despite 19th century restylings and changes made in the network of streets, the medieval origins of the town are evident in its current layout and in the tall square-plan tower. The most tragic period Castelforte experienced was that of World War II, when it became one of the most devastated towns during the battle to breach the Gustav Line.
A short distance away is the hamlet of Suio, with its historic centre perched on a small hill. On the level land flanking the Garigliano River are the spa town of Suio, renowned as early as the Roman period for its excellent thermal waters. Nowadays it is home to quite a few hotels and spas. The chemical characteristics of the waters make them especially suitable for baths, irrigations, inhalations and insufflations. They can also be used to treat rheumatisms, certain kinds of dermatitises; and gastrointestinal, urogenital and respiratory disorders. The thermal mud is also very effective.

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