Ceccano is located on a slope within sight of the Sacco Valley. With Volscian origins, over the centuries, it has had a heavy Roman presence: it is believed that it might correspond to the ancient Roman city of Fabrateria Vetus.

However it was in the Middle Ages that Ceccano became important. Residence of the Conti de Ceccano family and home to the castle of the same name, with its construction starting in the 8th century, in the Middle Ages, it became the centre of the county.

The manor, which was then used as a district prison, has a remarkable cycle of 13th century paintings (the iconographic calendar of the months), sacred paintings and graffiti by prisoners.

Outside are visible buttresses and other features of the medieval fortress.

Worth a visit is the Church of San Giovanni Battista, with baroque lines although its origins date back to the 12th century. Inside are the altarpiece depicting the beheading of John the Baptist, Renaissance school, and the 18th-century organ.

Also worth seeing is the Church of Santa Maria a Fiume, built in 1196 in Cistercian style, and the Sindici Castle, an elegant 19th-century neo-gothic residence with a beautiful park, declared “National Artistic Area” since 1928. The Bosco Faito Natural Monument is an area of significant naturalistic and environmental interest that covers a total of 336 hectares.

For film lovers, there is the Dieciminuti Film Festival, the most important national film festival for short films, as well as its international competition dedicated to short films, animations and video art.

The traditional tastes are typical of Ciociara: excellent local meats, which inspire recipes such as mutton cooked with sauce and tripe.

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