film Sabaudia

Films shot in Sabaudia

Sabaudia, 90 km from Rome, with its 15 km of dunes and golden beach in Circeo Park, is considered an Italian California where you can see surfers riding the waves in a sea more similar to the ocean than the Mediterranean.

This enchanting location has hosted many film shoots, from giants like Scipione l’Africano of 1937 (famous for the centurions’ wristwatches), Divorce Italian Style with Mastroianni, Crazy Desire with Ugo Tognazzi, Compagni di scuola, and Manuale d’amore by Verdone and the dramatic Don’t Move by Sergio Castellitto. All set in the sand and spectacular villas of the artists, actors and filmmakers of the town built from nothing in 1934, in less than a year, in the reclaimed Agro Pontino marsh area, and designed in the Littorio style by renowned rationalist architects.

Shooting is currently underway on the coast for Cupid in Love, the romantic comedy whose cast includes, among others, Maurizio Costanzo and Maria Grazia Cucinotta. The plot tells the story of Cupid (Marco Bonini), an angel who has been playing “Cupid” for over a thousand years in a super hi-tech and very glamorous paradise. Making people fall in love is his job, but constantly watching deep feelings and disruptive passions arise makes him feel excluded. So he takes it out on God (Maurizio Costanzo) and asks to be able to take on the appearance of a mortal to experience falling in love. God decides to make him happy so he finds himself catapulted to Earth where he meets Sofia (Myriam Catania). Then comes great upheaval, heartbreak and misunderstanding, as in the best sentimental works.

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