From the Sebastiani shelter to the village of Sigillo

The Sebastiani shelter, in the heart of Velino, is an important meeting point for the local hiking trails and the ideal starting point for climbing to most of the peaks in the group: the route towards Campo Felice is mostly on a dirt road and most suitable in winter, with snow.

It goes uphill for a short distance until it comes to the trail that goes into Valle Scura, a wild valley with numerous water bodies, vegetation and fauna.

Going down a narrow road between meadows and stony ground you enter the woods and continue the descent along a path that becomes increasingly narrow and steep. Before reaching the narrowest part of the valley, the path turns to the left until you reach the town of Malopasso, known for its waterfalls.

At this point, there is a 50-metre cliff on the mountain, emphasized by a waterfall. From the base of the waterfall the route becomes smoother as the valley gradually opens to the east.

When the path becomes a dirt road you are nearing the town of Cassette, a small uninhabited mountain village where the traces of the mountain culture of the past can still be seen.

A little beyond this is the village of Sigillo (meaning seal), named after the fact that the slaves who built the Via Salaria sealed the two sections together.

Time required

The uphill part of the route takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes, while the downhill part takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
The altitudes of the destinations

Sebastiani Refuge: 1820 metres above sea level

Sigillo: 625 metres above sea level

The difference in altitude on the route is 1200 metres

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