La Nuvola (The Cloud)

The Roma Convention Centre – La Nuvola, in the city’s EUR quarter, is also known as “La Nuvola di Fuksas”, or Fuksas’s Cloud.

According to Duccio Astaldi, president of the Consiglio di Gestione di Condotte, 20,000 tons of steel were required to built the megastructure, nearly 3 times the quantity employed to build the Eiffel Tower.

The result was a highly-efficient facility in terms of accessibility: the Convention Centre can accommodate up to 8,000 people, 6,000 in the convention halls and 1,762 in the Auditorium, the “scenographic heart of the project”.

The underground level of the expansive Teca (70 x 175 metres and 40-metres high) houses the convention halls. The Plenaria can sit up to 6,000 people in 9,000 square metres. A sophisticated system of movable walls allows this hall to be modified in size and layout of spaces.

The offices of the business centre are situated on the mezzanine floor. Below the Auditorium, on the so-called forum level, is a multi-purpose open space measuring 6,000 square metres, contained inside a 14-square-metre glass-fibre structure (the “cloud”).

Its interior is clad with American cherry-wood panelling and its exterior with black wood. Its curved surface ensures excellent acoustics.

It has a capacity of 1,762 spectators. There are 15 lifts, of which 8 are panoramic, and two escalators. The facility also includes a luxury hotel with 439 rooms.

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