Lake Albano or Lake of Castel Gandolfo

Lake Albano, also known as Lake of Castel Gandolfo, attracts a great deal of fishermen because its waters abound with a diverse fish fauna.
The sports typical of this lake are sailing and canoeing.
The lake is home to several sailing clubs and also to the Italian Canoeing and Kayaking Federation (FICK), where the Italian national team trains.
It is common to see troups of runners and cyclists along the lake front of Castel Gandolfo and the dirt road that flanks its emissary.
The area around the lake is instead more suitable to mountain bikes on account of the dirt roads. There are deviations from the main trail, but you climb up quite a bit to get to the viewpoint Belvedere di Marino, the ruins at Albalonga or to nearby towns.
Not far from the lake is the Castelli Romani National Park, where there are a broad range of trails for hikers, mountain-bikers and horse riders.

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