Lake Bracciano

Natural beauty, historic and cultural sites and archaeological and artistic heritage make Lake Bracciano a widely liked destination.

The lake is Rome’s reservoir and boasts inviting crystal-clear waters and many facilities for a host of sports: swimming, sailing, windsurfing, dragon boat racing and scuba diving.

Canoeing and sailing are the most popular water sports, as can be inferred by the many sports clubs on the lake.

Those who enjoy cycling will soon be able to circumnavigate the lake. The construction of an easy cycling path around the lake is nearly complete. Some stretches of this path near Trevignano are already open to cyclists.

The only challenging uphill trail (only a few hundred metres) is the one that leads to Borgo di Vicarello, a picturesque cluster of rural homes with a small typical restaurant.

The area of Lake Bracciano and Lake Martignano​ comprises many dirt roads which lend themselves to excursions by mountain bike and on horseback.

The local dishes are mostly fish-based.

Eels, fresh-water bass, lavaret, broccoli, mushrooms, game and white wine are used to make the most delectable dishes, served in many of the restaurants around the lake.

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