Lake Nemi

Situated at 316 metres above sea level, Lake Nemi was originally called Lacus Nemorensis. Along with the nearby Lake of Castel Gandolfo, it lies at the bottom of the ancient Volcano of Lazio, active until 30,000 years ago.

The lake measures circa 1.67 square kilometres and its maximum depth is 33 metres. Its waters are the habitat of tenches, bleaks and pikes, and its banks of herons, grebes, loons and ducks.

The woods that clad the surrounding slopes are an invitation for pleasant and easy hikes.

Chestnut trees are common here, along with holm oaks, maple trees, hazel nut trees and , hornbeams.

Adding to the natural beauty of this area is the Mediterranean brush, with its lovely colours and scents deriving from the Scotch broom, heather and strawberry trees.

The name of Lake Nemi originates from Nemus Dianae (the holy woods of Diana), because of a temple to the goddess of hunting and of vegetable and animal life which stood on its banks in ancient times.

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