Lake Posta Fibreno

Lake Posta Fibreno is in the Ciociaria Sannitica region, one fourth of which is covered with woodland once transited by Samnites, Romans, Bourbons, Piedmontese and even bandits!

From a geological standpoint it is actually a river-lake, because it is fed by waters that surface crystal-clear from springs after flowing through a complex underground karst system and then flow into the River Liri.

The remarkable clearness of the waters of this river-lake is due to the considerable amount of water that flows rapidly and sweeps away the particles that float on the surface.

Its long narrow shape makes it quite unique. Lake Fibreno meets the Carpello torrent and forms the River Fibreno, which flows into the Liri. The locals call the River Fibreno “fiume di Cicerone” (river of Cicero) because it once lapped the lands of the famous orator.

The typical reed thickets prevail in the natural landscape of the lake, the ideal habitat for bird nesting, and its waters are navigable and abound with fish.

A nature reserve now protects the lush vegetation and important bird and fish species of this lake.

The natural characteristics of Lake Posta Fibreno include a small floating island called “la rota”. It was formed by the building up of peat, roots and marsh vegetation which now move from one place of the lake to another, pushed by winds and currents. This little island was even mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia two-thousand years ago.

Another defining feature of this lake is a traditional boat, the “nàue”, still used by the few fishermen to fish on the lake.

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