Monastero Sacro Speco a Subiaco

Monastero del Sacro Speco

In the Aniene valley just over 70 kilometres from Rome lies the beautiful Monastery of San Benedetto – Sanctuary of the Sacro Speco of Subiaco.

One of the most beautiful places of worship in our region dedicated to the saint of Norcia. In a truly evocative setting, the monastery leans against a rock wall, supported by 9 large arches that will strike you as soon as you arrive.

Inside you will be thrust into a unique place made up of chapels, churches and various environments predominantly carved from the rock. On the walls are frescoes dating to various eras and, not to be missed, a wooden statue of St. Benedict made by Antonio Raggi in the 17th century.

When he arrived in these places, St. Benedict was 20 years old. Here, amid the very lush nature, he lived as a hermit and the cave that housed him is today located inside the monastery with the small chapel of San Romano, the monk who helped St. Benedict in the hermitage, bringing him the food that was dropped into the cave from a hole at the top.

From here we descend to the hoòy steps, Scala Santa, which follows the path travelled by Benedict. First we come to the Chapel of the Madonna and the cave, Grotta dei Pastori, then to a small terrace where, with the Charnel house of the Monks, Benedict found the bush that he turned into rose garden: tradition has it that the saint would roll around in it to drive away temptations.

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